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Meet a Swami

And Your Backpages: September 26, 2008

by Backpageman on September 27, 2008

Bad night in Metville last night. The Big Pelf came up small, the bullpen was the bullpen, and the bats took the night off. But, as the Rising Swami correctly pointed out, the Backpage game must go on. And once again, the G.O.A.T turned Met misery into Backpage glory for his 12th Swami Turban with SOS!. Nice work, Tom. Here they are, three inches taller than their North Korean counterparts… Your Backpages….


Meet A Swami: Tom E.

by Backpageman on July 23, 2008

Guessing the Backpage is an accomplishment achieved by very few people in this life. It’s akin to giving your number to a stripper AND having her call you. Or dating a man who loves shopping. Yet the Great Tom E. did it three times in two weeks. Meet the master.



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