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December 2008

Turning the Page on 2008

by Backpageman on December 2, 2008

Heroes, first and foremost, I’d like to thank you for making the inaugural Backpage season such a rousing success. Thousands tried their hand at nailing the Backpage and an impressive 36 Swami turbans were handed out. Not bad.

Sadly, when baseball season ended, so did much of the order and, quite frankly, the interest in Backpages. Is it going to be Nate Robinson? Did the Steinbrenners do something? Anything? What about hockey? Umm. Who cares.

Backpageologists are baseball men. (And women, if you count Doris from Rego Park, which I do.) It’s in our DNA. I suspect Backpageologists care more about Bill James than Lebron James, more about Ray Burris than Plaxico Burress.

That said, there’s only one thing we can do to be true to the Backpage game we love. Play the game during baseball season, then take the offseason off.

Backpageman’s advice to you, the Heroes: Do what our baseball heroes do. Play some golf. Sell autographs at card shows. Drink too much. Pretend to read a book.

Pitchers and catchers is right around the corner. Till then…


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