Your Backpages: April 22, 2009

by Backpageman on April 22, 2009

Murph and the Mets take the Post. Andy “Power for Living” Petitte and the Yanks take the News and Newsday. Backpageman will break it down for our new players. The Post, the purest of the Troika, goes with the better — or worse — story. And they like nothing better than failure in general, and Metropolitan failure in particular. ¬†Thus the Mets — or Mess — take it. The News is a Yankee paper, the print version of Al-Yankazeera. And Newsday, they’re just lazy. They like to wrap it up early and beat the traffic home. Thus, the Yankee game, which ended an hour and a half before the Met game, took the day.

Special welcome tip of the swami turban to a budding Backpagoelogist from NPR. Guess they let him take a break from making lattes and handing out lapel pins to venture a guess. Could this be Backpageman’s in on his lifelong dream of a segment on NPR’s On The Media with Brooke Gladstone? Perhaps they can squeeze me in between a 9-minute segment on the Pakistani Pennysaver and a 12-minute debate between four dusty academics arguing who is the greater American hero: Bill Moyers or Jim Lehrer. They’ve never had an erection that has lasted for four hours…. Your Backpages…¬†

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