Your Backpages: April 23, 2009

by Backpageman on April 23, 2009

Do you ever wonder how Backpageman does it? In the breakdown yesterday, I wrote the Post “likes nothing better than failure in general, and Metropolitan failure in particular.  Thus the Mets — or Mess — take it.” And what do we have today? That old chestnut AMAZIN’ MESS. (I guess even they were too ashamed to do MEET THE MESS. Again.) Yesterday, I also wrote: “The News is a Yankee paper, the print version of Al-Yankazeera.” And what takes it today? Yanks. Yawn, And finally, I wrote that Newsday “likes to wrap it up early and beat the traffic home.” So, rather than wait for the Mets to finish, they go with America’s fifth favorite sport, right behind the WNBA, hockey. Here they are, cozier than a Snuggie… Your Backpages….

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