Your Backpages: May 7, 2009

by Backpageman on May 7, 2009

Last night was a malaise-buster for ol’ Backpageman. Is the Great Santana the best fighter pilot we’ve seen on deck in a long time or what? Throw in the fact that the Mets never score for the bastard and every time he pitches it feels like a tightrope act. I mean, Chan Ho Park was throwing a no-hitter. Chan Ho Park. And, I must say, inspired work from the Troika today. Love the sub-head in the Post. POKE VS COKE DOOMS YANKS. And also love JOE THE BUMMER. Best Joe the Plumber wordplay I’ve seen since the great Patriot’s trip to Israel. (For the record, I hear it’s impossible to find a plumber in the Gaza Strip.) Here they are…. Your Backpages…

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Kill Bill. Awesome.