There goes Backpageman, the best there ever was.

by Backpageman on October 13, 2009

Every great athlete goes through this. And Backpageman is no different. One day, and there’s no explaining when or why, the passion is gone. There’s a little less joy in seeing A-Rod flayed in 64-point type, a little less pleasure in savoring the perfectly-turned Meet the Mess pun. If you ever played high school sports, it’s like that day, late in your senior year, when you snap your towel against another man’s nubile buttocks and think, “eh, I’m over this.”

I always vowed that when I lost my love of the game, I’d walk away. So here I go. No, no, don’t cry. Don’t plead. Be strong. It’s for the best. Thanks to the Heroes, the Swamis, the Tomorrow’s Backpage Dancers. Thanks to Doris from Rego Park, Joe Beningo, to anyone who’s ever dreamed of pointing to the sky and thanking Jesus for a touchdown. Thanks to Tom E, James S, the Fedora and everyone who clicked on the ads on this site, whoever you are. I started out as a boy with a computer and a little hate in his heart and you made my dreams come true. You really did. Okay, here I go, Nation. Here I go.

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