And Your Backpages: August 15, 2008

by Backpageman on August 15, 2008

Another day for the Michael Phelps, the most celebrated Backpage swimmer since Mark Spitz. By the way, how much drag was in that mustache? I’m thinking more than a little. A very close Swami call, but Backpageman is going to have to be tough here. The Fedora came in with SIX DOWN, TWO TO GO. And the actual was TWO TO GO. Sorry, Fedora. Also, sad day for Mike and the Dog fans. Looks like the FAN got stuck with the lesser half. Finally, note the News story BLAME THEM with the picture of Brian Cashman and Flattop Joe. The public flaying has begun. Next up in the Bird’s Nest… Your Backpages…

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Bleeeeep, Indeed