And Your Backpages: August 19, 2008

by Backpageman on August 19, 2008

Post and News go with Met bullpen blowing another one in Pittsburgh, but after going 6-1 on the road trip, even the bottom-feeders on the Backpages having a hard time going after the Mets. The real gem of the day is Newsday’s NOT JOE’S FAULT. As you recall, on August 14th, Backpageman wrote this: “In a related story, Joe Torre has led the Dodgers into a tie for first place. Look for the ST. JOE VS FLATTOP JOE Backpage in the coming days.” Well, when Backpageman calls it, Backpageman will tell you he called it. It’s amazing. Even from L.A., St. Joe can do no wrong. Genuflect when you enter, Heroes, and remember it is right to give thanks and praise… to your Backpages.

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Backpageman Actually Nailed This One