Sending It Up to Having No Shame

by Backpageman on August 21, 2008

Backpageman sends it up to the Daily News for taking a page from the Post with the Women of the Games and the Men of the Games picture galleries. The women are here and the men here. Be prepared to shake your head in disappointment again and again. Oh, and yes, that woman is indeed wearing the Traditional Dress of Brazil… The wedgie…

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1 Sending It Up to Having No Shame, Part 2 — Tomorrow’s 08.24.08 at 12:10 pm

[...] week, Backpageman sent it up to the Daily News for this shameless photo gallery on Olympic pieces of ass. Newsday just added one of their own. The intro sounds like classic [...]

Even St. Joe gets the Backpage Eff You. Say it ain't so!