Feeling good? Take Your Dose of Mushnick the Miserable.

by Backpageman on September 3, 2008

Larry David once said he hated when people were too happy about anything. He just didn’t get it. Thus the title “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Well, if you’re feeling too good, too happy, too pleased with the world, Backpageman has just what you need. A tall drink of Mushnick the Miserable. Take it away, you miserable bastard…

“Michael Kay must be under orders from YES to regard all of us as fools. When Jason Giambi ended the game against Boston with a single, Kay became so hysterical he’d either just been Tasered or he’d have had those who didn’t know any better to regard the moment as “The One-Out Bases Loaded Single Heard ‘Round The World.”

“On SNY and Channel 11, Gary Cohen has become so unnaturally hysterical over Met home runs that he, too, has become transparent. Thus, his response last Monday to a Carlos Delgado homer that made it 7-1, , was no less hysterical than his call, four days later, of Carlos Beltran’s two-out, ninth-inning grand slam that changed the game to 5-2. Surely, Cohen knows that all home runs don’t hold the same significance. Doesn’t he know that we know, too? Why leave discriminating fans insulted by providing the same, indiscriminate call?”

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