And Your Backpages: September 11, 2008

by Backpageman on September 11, 2008

Perhaps it’s a result of a new influx of Swami talent, thanks to the shout-out from our friends at But the you, the Heroes of, have raised the Backpage game to a whole new level. In fact — and I rarely say this — you clearly outclassed some very pedestrian efforts from the Pros. I mean, look at Newsday. A Beltran picture from the third inning and HIT FACTORY. They clearly wrapped it up early and beat the crowds to TGI Fridays. Come on guys, you’re embarrassing Backpageman and his proud County Suffolk brethren. At least the Post made their photographer stay till the end. But MET ‘N’ WILD? Lame. And the News? I know you’re upset about the Yankees being done, but to go to such lengths to deny the Mets the Backpage. Lame. Hold your noses, folks. Your Backpages….

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Kill Bill. Awesome.