And Your Backpages: September 29, 2008

by Backpageman on September 29, 2008

The Troika all go the same way. Tears from Met fans on the front page, distraught-looking Mets on the Backpage. Backpageman doesn’t have much to add but this anecdote. An hour or two after this most brutal loss, Backpageman was driving around, looking for a parking spot. I put on WFAN — figuring the Post-game was over and the Schmoozer would be on talking Met nation off the ledge. Instead I hear Howie Rose imploring the Shea faithful to “Welcome Head Groundskeeper Pete Flynn and his family!” Eff you. Well, sometimes the Backpages write themselves and the Heroes were on it. Tom E takes two with CRYIN’ SHEAME and SHEA IT AIN’T SO and the Fedora takes one for SHEA IT AIN’T SO. Give them a hug today… Your Backpages…

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