We’re back, baby.

by Backpageman on March 3, 2009

Greetings, Nation. Backpageman hopes you are rested and ready for the 2009 Backpage season. News and notes to come over the next few days. But for now, we’ll take it slow. Backpageman knows we’re all still in Florida mode. Long-tossing headlines and looking for Mike Piazza and his team Italy paisans at the Port St. Lucie Olive Garden.

Alas, in the spirit of getting our collective Backpage grooves back on, here they are. The 288 Backpages we missed since we were last together. Two points before you hit play. 1. Watch it to the end. You’ll be rewarded. And, B, loving this song and singing along is not unmanly. Not in the least. Welcome back, Nation.

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