People like to say that today’s athletes are spoiled. That most are presumptuous ingrates who take their wealth and talent for granted. Here at, we don’t think that at all.

Why? Because everyday, we see the greatest, wealthiest, downright godliest athletes in the world take seconds out of their busy days to point to the sky and say “Thank You, God.” Or, more specifically, “Thank You, Jesus.” Or even more specifically, “Thank You, Baby Jesus.” It’s called Sending It Up.

That’s why we celebrate the act – and art — of Sending It Up on this site.

Here’s a sampling of some of the Heroes we’ve Sent It Up to:


Bill Belichick


Chad Pennington’s Hair 

The Fashion Frame Set

Getting Back Out There

Goose Gossage

Having No Shame

Having No Shame (Part 2)

Human Sculpture

Killer Kowalski

Mad Dog Russo (1988-2008)


Sending It Up (The Carlos Uno Edition)

Sending It Up (The K-Rod Edition)

Sending It Up (The Fernando Tatis Edition)

Shea Trashbags


Tim Daggett





Classic stuff here