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And Your Backpages: September 18, 2008

by Backpageman on September 18, 2008

Big night last night in Backpage nation, and just about all of the Heroes got sucked into game story guesses. OH, WHAT A KNIGHT! GOOD KNIGHT, DOUBLE BELT, SAVED BY THE BEL, and BELT-WAY. But the Pros went big picture, and rightly so. Here they are, fresh off their Lexus Platinum Experience… Your Backpages…


And Your Backpages: August 30, 2008

by Backpageman on August 30, 2008

Big night for the baseball locals — and even bigger night among Backpageologists. A record number of guesses, and just about every iteration of GRAND was attempted except the right one. And Backpageman has to admit, GRAND THEFT is a perfect description of the game. That’s why they’re the pros. In a related story, Carl “Mr. Alyssa Milano” Pavano is now 2-0 for the Yanks, which could make for an interesting clubhouse when Joba returns. Joba was seen dancing on a table with Milano during the All-star game festivities. It’s Labor Day weekend. Put out some lounge chairs for your Backpages…


And Your Backpages: July 17, 2008

by Backpageman on July 17, 2008

Clean sweep for the Mets — and a nearly impossible guessing night for the Heroes. Tip of the Swami Turban to Jerome M for a valiant effort. But alas, not the stuff of Swamis. Games resume tonight. Mets in Cincy. Yanks off. Radomski looking through his sock drawer for Clemens receipts. Stand back and wave, Heroes. Here they come…


The Classic Double