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10 Reasons to Believe

by Backpageman on September 16, 2008

If you look hard enough, the Backpages will tell you exactly what you want to hear. Here are 10 reasons why the 2008 Mets are not the 2007 Mets…

1. Johan’s Here

2. Willie Always Believed In His Guys

3. Jerry Knows Which Ones Stink

4. Carlos Dos Is Back

5. Glav Is Not

6. David Wright Is Still David Wright

7. Mike Pelfrey Is Now Big Pelf

8. The Luck of the Irish Is On Their Side

9. No Sosa. No Mota. No Wags.*

10. Did I Mention Johan?

*Backpageman is choosing not to remember Heilman, Sanchez, Ayala et al…


And Your Backpages: September 10, 2008

by Backpageman on September 10, 2008

As Backpageman predicted here and here, the Mets owned the Backpages. True story: After the Met game last night, Backpageman turned to Backpagewoman and said, it’s going to be something dumb, like M-V-P. And just as the sun rises over Montauk and sets over Floral Park, Newsday came through with M-V-P. But, alas, since it was not officially submitted, Backpageman must deny Backpageman a Swami Turban. Sorry, Backpageman. No such bad luck for two like-minded Backpageologists. Stewart K of Livingston, NJ grabs his his first Swami Turban and James S of St. Charles, Illinois grabs his sixth. Both with M-V-P! A historic day at was followed by a historic night, with aspiring Swamis guessing from the BX to Australia. Here they are… tough guys with tender skin… fresh from the Shave Zone… Your Backpages…


And Your Backpages: September 6, 2008

by Backpageman on September 6, 2008

As some of you may recall from my Backpageology ‘07 keynote address , “The Backpages: A Fickle Friend In a Friendless World,” the Backpages are always ready to throw you under the proverbial bus. As I said that magical day in the New Caanan Marriot, if the Backpages were a person they’d be that always-complaining, never-satisfied fair-weather friend who loves to tell you just how wrong you were.The kind of friend who, no matter how hard you try, always tells you your ass looks fat in those jeans. So alas, the Mets, who have owned the Fightin Phils this year, lost a game and got the 48-point shiv from the Trokia. And the great Tom E, who always has a finger on the pulse, knew just what they’d say. NOT AGAIN! That’s the 10th Turban for the 2-sport Swami. Here they are. Backpages you can believe in!


And Your Backpages: September 2, 2008

by Backpageman on September 2, 2008

Carlos Dos owned the day and the Backpages. (For those keeping score at home, Carlos Beltran is Carlos Uno, and Delgado is Carlos Dos. Why?


Your Backpages and Newest Swami: July 25, 2008

by Backpageman on July 25, 2008

A clean sweep of the Backpages for the Mets. Backpageman channeled his inner John Edward and tried to call it — and failed. All three went for the big picture story — Mets in First — over the game story — Del-GOT-it. Lesson learned for Backpageologists everywhere. Stand up straight, Heroes. Here they come…

The guesswork was frantic but only one Hero found the magic.


An Open Letter to Carlos Delgado

by Alvaro De La Backpagearocha on July 21, 2008

Hello, Heroes. There’s something I need to say and I thank Backpageman for giving me the opportunity to say it here.

Dear Mr. Delgado,

I am writing you to apologize. On behalf of myself and many others


And Your Backpages: July 18, 2008

by Backpageman on July 18, 2008

Well, Heroes, we have our first triple in the history of What they call the Joker…Joker… JOKER’S WILD in the Backpageology business. And, as many of the Heroes will discover this morning, when the jokers are wild, the Heroes go crazy. Because when you see the Backpages, many of you will think about your overly clever guess, shake your fists in the air and mutter SONOFA…

That is, unless you’re the great Tom E of the Bronx, who became the first two-time Swami in history. Your reign continues. Powerful work.

Shake of the head to B-Flat for his spirited but numerically challenged guess of HIGH NINE.

A housekeeping note, with the arrival of Li’l Backpageman yesterday, Backpageman has to call it early today. So if you guessed before seeing this, my apologies. Thanks, Heroes.


Bleeeeep, Indeed