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And Your Backpages: August 26, 2008

by Backpageman on August 26, 2008

The Backpage game is a humbling and unforgiving one. That’s why I always say, you have to respect the game — and NEVER take it for granted. Just as all the would-be Swamis peppered me with Carlos Dos and Big Pelf headlines — del-GOD-O, PERFECT PELFREY — the Backpages come in with one for Strahan, one for the Mets, one for Yanks vs. Sox. Clap-clap-clap-clap-clap-clapclap… Backpages…


And Your Backpages: August 20, 2008

by Backpageman on August 20, 2008

A downright gleeful night for Metropolitan Backpageologists. A good win over the Braves and a bad Yankee loss to the Jays. The schadenfreude in some of the guesses, while hilarious, may be a little premature. It’s still August, and Benny Ayala is probably not Bruce Sutter, circa 1982. And the irony of it all, a Yankee partisan, the undefatigable Tom E did it again with JOHNNY BE BAD. Don’t blame A-Rod, Heroes. Here they are. Your Backpages.


And Your Backpages: July 30, 2008

by Backpageman on July 30, 2008

A sad day for Backpageology. Newsday fell asleep at the wheel and is still featuring yesterday’s Backpage on its site. The game must go on, so the Troika is more like a Doika today. Big Met win and big Yankee loss resulted in a Backpage split. Nice efforts from Pros, and the Heroes of, but nothing even close. Tomorrow’s another day. Check your teeth. Here they come…


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