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And Your Backpages: October 8, 2008

by Backpageman on October 8, 2008

More mayhem in Backpage Nation. And the Swami slump continues. How crazy is it right now? The usually meek Newsday tries to rub some salt in the wounds with a profile on how Don Mattingly has been the key to Dodger success. Here they are, my friends… Your Backpages…


And Your Backpages: September 5, 2008

by Backpageman on September 5, 2008

A super win by the Super Bowl champs can only mean one thing: Some super Backpages. Both the Post and the News went with the predictable — and predicted — SUPER START. After many, many guesses, The Fedora outwits the seemingly unoutwittable Tom E to take his first Swami Turban. Welcome aboard, Fedora. And chalk up another Swami Turban for the formidable James S of St. Charles, Illinois. Finally, a promise. Backpageman will not give in to any sports challenge, no matter how daunting. Backpageman will serve you, the Heroes, nobly and with honor. And Backpageman will honor the culture of Backpageology… As always, BACKPAGES FIRST…


And Your Backpages: September 4, 2008

by Backpageman on September 4, 2008

A turning of the proverbial season cycle on the Backpages, and, yes, Heroes, our work will only get harder. The summer Backpage game is more or less Yankees v. Mets, but, come fall, football and basketball vie for their taste of tabloid glory. What about hockey, you say? Don’t get me started. The Post and News go the Jint scene setter route, while Newsday features the Met day game victory. Backpageman is really getting the idea that whenever the Newsday pros can wrap it up early and head over to the Olive Garden for an endless pasta bowl, they do it. Hey, there you’re family and can you really blame them? Finally, the great Tom E of the Bronx has once again channeled his inner Massapequa with BREW HA-HA. You are the master, Tom. Are they fair or are they foul? Check the instant replay. Your Backpages…


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