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And Your Backpages: August 14, 2008

by Backpageman on August 14, 2008

The BUMBLING BOMBERS story is starting to gain momentum. Look for a 3-week Backpage run like the three-week MEET THE MESS run from earlier this summer. In a related story, Joe Torre has led the Dodgers into a tie for first place. Look for the ST. JOE VS FLATTOP JOE Backpage in the coming days. And for the record, did people really think that Flattop Joe could get Bobby Abreu to play like he cared? The hair can only do so much. Finally, note how Newsday has hopped aboard the Sending It Up bandwagon with a picture of Tatis Sending it up. Check their birth certificates, Heroes, they’ve just come of age.

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For the Heroes

by Backpageman on July 11, 2008

Backpageman sends it up to you, the Heroes of Feel free to guess over the weekend. Full-on Backpageology resumes on Monday.


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